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Thank you very much for your interest in and support of public higher education in the state of Ohio. Here are several ways you can get involved in the Forward Ohio campaign.

Contact the Candidates for Governor.

One way you can show support for Ohio’s colleges and universities is to make sure the 2018 Ohio gubernatorial candidates know how important higher education is to you and to our state. You can send the candidates a letter or an email message. Visit their campaign websites to access their contact information.

Contact Mike Dewine (R).

Contact Richard Cordray (D).

In your letter or email, you can highlight some of the ways that higher education adds value to the state. These include:

1. Helping Ohioans get good jobs and prosper and is a great investment for students and their families

2. Developing Ohio’s workforce to meet the needs of local and state economies

3. Spurring Ohio’s economy through research, product development and business creation

4. Tackling society’s toughest issues through basic research that improves lives and the world

5. Keeping college affordable through efficiencies and collaboration

You can also request the candidates tell you and other Ohio voters their views of higher education – and, if elected, what they plan to do to make it a policy priority in their Administration.

Example Gubernatorial Candidate Letter

Another option for reaching out to the candidates for Governor is to contact their campaign offices and ask for printed information about the candidate’s position on support for higher education.

Contact Your State Legislators.

Make sure your elected state representatives know how important higher education is to you and the state. Let your legislators know why you think Ohio needs a strong system of public colleges and universities – and why strong support for higher education should be a public policy priority. If you aren’t sure who your local state senator or state representative is, you can find their names and contact information on their websites: ohiosenate.gov and www.ohiohouse.gov. In some cases, you may need your 4-digit ZIP code extension. Just follow the directions on each site to identify your legislators and how to contact them via letter, email or phone.

Example Legislator Letter

Write a Letter to Your Local Newspaper.

Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. You can highlight some of the ways institutions of higher education create and deliver value – such as preparing students for careers, building a talented workforce, spurring Ohio’s economy, improving your life and the world through research, keeping college affordable, etc. You can also encourage readers to ask the candidates for Governor of Ohio in 2018 to explain their positions on higher education, and to make sure their state legislators know you favor strong support for higher education as a public policy priority.

Example Letter to Editor

Share Information From the Forward Ohio Website with Friends, Neighbors and Colleagues.

There are many interesting resources available on this website for sharing with others.

Examples include stories, infographics, media coverage and more, all of which can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Spread the Word about the Forward Ohio Campaign.

Have a personal blog? Consider writing a blog about the Forward Ohio campaign.

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